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Fortray is not like any other technology recruitment business. Our dedicated “Technical Recruitment Team” is Practical and knowledge-led in their approach adopting flexible services offering and use the cutting edge technology to deliver the unique recruitment experience.

We are split into distinct “hubs” of technologies like Cloud, IT Infrastrucre, Data & Business Analytics, Cyber Security, Project Management & Quality Management, DevOps & Big Data and Software Engineering operating across the world.

As technology continues to evolve, we are set up to scale. Adopting a new skill and ways of working, developing products and delivering services through innovative technologies.

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Stringent Recruitment Procoess

Our promise to presnet the best resource

CV Sifting

Posting a job to intial secreening, we short-list the best applicant from the market

In-House Interveiw

Our dedicated, expert and technical recritment team conduct an in-house technology specfic Interview

Best Candidate

Our practice to save time and present the only and the best candidate to our clients

Clients Review

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